Boiling bitter leaf can help with certain ailments. There are several ways how you can consume bitter leaf to get the most of its advantages and enhance your health.

Some people like to make bitter leaf water and drink it. Others chop fresh leaves into their daily meals.

Different Illnesses You Can Help Relieve

1. Boiling Bitter Leaf Helps Reduce Fever

Boiling Bitter Leaf to reduce fever

First of all, boil 10 grams of dried bitter leaf, 25 grmas dried turmeric tuber (2.5 thumbs), and 200 cc of water.

Boil them until the water seethe and stay on 100 cc. Strain it immediately. When still warm, add 100 cc mahogany cotton flower honey

2. Lower Hypertension

Boil Bitter Leaf to balance hyper tension

Wash and boil bitter leafs in 3 cups of water as much as usual. Stop boiling until the water is staying ¾ her.

Then once filtered, as much as ¾ cup cooking water is drunk. Drink it two times a day.

3. Boiling Bitter Leaf to Increase Stamina

Boil bitter leaf to increase stamina

Just use 10  grams of dried leaves and let it turn into 4 cups of water. Then boil until the water adequate just for two cups.

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As you can see, bitter leaf can be cooked or consumed raw (leaves, stems), which is even better because this way you will receive more useful elements and amazing nutrients this plant offers.

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